Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Emily

Happy Birthday to Emily! Emily is my favorite daugher-in-law and not just because she's my only daughter-in-law! She makes my son happy, she's very, very sweet. She loves my granddogs and is a great mother to them. She loves all her neices and nephews and always has time to play with them. Linden is so funny around her, he absolutely LOVES Emily! It's so cute to watch him around her. She's very smart and a very hard worker, she works full time at West Texas A & M University in the Financial Aid Dept. and also takes classes so she can learn medical transcription. She also has a busy calling in Young Womens at our Church. She likes to go camping and hiking and she's good at it! She's a good organizer. She loves animals. Dick said to add that she likes peanut butter, especially organic peanut butter and organic almond butter. She's a good cook, also. She can make delicious brownies! Oh yummy!
I love her and I'm so glad she's a member of our family!