Monday, July 20, 2009

Brayden's soccer picture

Julia's birthday---a little late

We've all been so busy lately it's hard to keep caught up. I'll post a few pictures of Julia's BD celebration. We celebrated after soccer one night at Buffalo Wild Wings, today--19 days late we had a small BD cake. Julia always wants the same kind of cake, angel food cake with cream cheese, marshmallow cream, powdered sugar and whipping cream frosting with fresh strawberries.
Brionna was so excited saying over and over it was her mom's birthday. Brayden was at soccer camp for 8 days, he stayed in the dorm at West Texas A & M for the 1st 5 days, he then stayed home and just went for the day--------long day tho----8am to 8pm. He would come home so tired he would sit down, eat a little and go to bed. He added up how many hours he played soccer----not other activities, just soccer, 56 hours 45 minutes-----that was not even counting the last day of camp.