Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cat Show in Amarillo

Brionna and I went to the cat show in Amarillo this afternoon. We had so much fun, she was able to pet several of the cats. We decided that Hercules is the prettiest cat around, maybe next year we'll enter him in the show!

Brayden and his Soccer Games in San Angelo

Brayden and Dick drove to San Angelo yesterday for 2 soccer games. His team did great, the won the first game 4-0 and the 2nd one 8-0. He was happy because he had plenty of playing time, even with his broken finger. I had to stay home because it was my LAST Sat. to work at the drug clinic. I worked on Brionna's quilt.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

How fast can you type?

71 words

Speed test

Friday, March 28, 2008

Brayden's new haircut

Brayden got his hair cut yesterday, yeah, we can see his eyes again! What a handsome guy.


The Easter Bunny didn't visit our house last week because it was cold and yucky outside, I think he's going to make a surprise visit this weekend. I hope we can catch that sneaky guy. We took Brionna to Grandma Peggy's house tonight and she saw the easter bunny in their yard-------I hope he makes it over here.
Brionna didn't feel well on Easter, she climbed on the couch just as soon as church was over and fell asleep.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Emily and Randy's new truck

Randy bought this truck off of ebay, Emily and Randy flew to Florida, the seller picked them up from the airport, they then picked up their truck, drove to the beach for a short visit then headed home. It's a nice truck!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Don't you just love it. Randy is going to repair it and sell it. There is something wrong with the motor. If I didn't love my lexus so much I'd want this car!

Brayden and Brionna riding bikes at the new house

Monkey see.........Monkey do! One of my very favorite things to do as a kid was ride my bike at the dirt hills! Brayden and Brionna have their very own dirt hill on the side of their driveway. Brionna loves to follow Brayden around on his bike. She really thinks she is just as big as he is!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Brayden's New Room

Brayden has a new room. We painted a camouflage room, we painted 2 walls with the camouflage, Dick put camouflage border up on the other 2 walls. Taryn and Julia both pitched in and between the three of us we almost completed it. Brayden came home from school and pitched in and completed some bare spots. He also painted the window sills and the baseboards. We sat back and played seek and find with the walls, we found a dinosaur, 2 lobster claws, a boot, a car, someone today found an elephant and a alligator. I think he has the cutest boy's room I've ever seen and I'm glad that we were able to do it for him.

Brionna's new room

Brionna has a really cute new room. Julia and Taryn used stencils to paint her name and flowers on the wall and above the closet. Her curtains are white with soft little butterflies on them. They will go perfect with the paint. Taryn painted one window sill purple and I painted one pink. It's going to be an adorable little girl room. Julia has plans for some cute wall accessories.

Brayden's newest injury!

Brayden's newest injury this week is a broken finger---poor guy! One his friends shut their van door on his finger. It was just an accident, he wasn't familiar with the van doors and she wasn't used to a little finger in the door. BIG OUCH. He is not supposed to play soccer for 4-5 weeks. Rumor has it they (Granddad and the coach) are going to wrap his hand in bubble wrap and put him back on the field----he won't be able to be the goalie for 4-5 weeks but he can still kick. Just for the record, I am not going to participate in that at all. He also had a cut right above the nail bed. I think it's starting to feel a little bit better. Some of the swelling is down and the cut doesn't look as bad. The Dr. wanted him to take the splint off twice a day and clean his finger with hydrogen peroxide and keep it covered with a bandage, he's doing great keeping it clean.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Brayden's Concussion

I wanted to post a little about Brayden's concussion. He was very fortunate that he escaped serious injury. When I worked at the Drs. office we had a couple of men who had suffered serious injuries from being hit by goal posts. If I remember correctly they had neck injuries and Dick was afraid that Brayden's neck was injured. He wanted me to call Roger (our chiropractor) and Roger said he would touch him unless we took him for a x-ray. The Dr. we took him to didn't do a x-ray, he seemed more concerned about his head, the Dr. moved his neck back and forth and felt it quite a bit but he didn't seem to think it needed to be x-rayed. He was concerned about his eyes being reactive and if he lost consciousness. He asked him a lot of questions and had him move his head up and down and I think that if his neck was affected that would have bothered him. We'll just have to continue to watch him and check on his neck. I asked the Dr. about his neck and he said that if he had a compression fracture he wouldn't be able to move his neck at all. He still has a bump on his head and he says it hurts if he touches it but it's much better tonight. We're very fortunate, those goal posts are heavy and heads are precious things. Thank goodness our Brayden has a hard head. (actually, thank goodness, it hit Brayden where it did, not all parts of our head could handle a goal post hitting it) I think this is one of those times when we can really thank our Heavenly Father for watching over Brayden and for blessing us.

Brayden's Concussion

Thanks to our great Texas Panhandle wind, the soccer goal at the West Texas A & M Soccer field blew over and landed on top of Brayden's head yesterday morning! Dick called and I "flew" down there as fast as I could. We took him to the Urgent Care and the Dr. said he has a concussion. He had a huge knot on his head, the knot is down today but these is still some redness. Here is a picture. We are so lucky that it wasn't any worst, that could have been very serious.