Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to Brionna

Brayden and Julia had picked out special trick candles, in fact, that's why we had candles on both cakes----------they didn't work! One group was supposed to sparkle and one group was supposed to re-light. Brayden and Julia were very disappointed but no one else knew anything was wrong--------just a little girl blowing out candles and making a wish.
Brionna is so much fun, I just have so much fun playing with her, she has the cutest, funniest little personality around. It makes me miss my other grandchildren and I wish I could see them more often and I miss that I can't be there for their little celebrations but they know I love them and I hope they know that I would be there if I could. We all have so much fun with Brionna. She's a joy to be around------------always happy and she always brightens up your life.

Girl's Lunch Birthday Fun!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Moon Sand is SO MUCH FUN!

I googled moon sand and I found out that you can even make it at home. We had just bought some regular play sand and you just add corn starch and some a little water. I'm going to make some, I had a big idea to buy a big (small) plastic swimming pool, making quite a bit of moon sand and letting Brionna play in it. (in my kitchen) We are dog sitting a pit bull for Dustin and I refuse to go out into the back yard---------he jumps up on me which makes La jump on the pit bull so they fight at my feet, they are getting used to each other but everyone that knows me, knows I'm not a big dog fan----------I guess rabie shots in my stomach every day for 2 weeks as a child did that to me, however, I tolerate my dog, he's a good dog but I don't tolerate pit bulls and I guarantee you he won't stay in my back yard much longer, Dustin was supposed to have found another home for him a week ago but just like everything else Dustin promises---------it hasn't happened.
Anyway, we love moon sand and it's been a big hit in our house!


I try and meet with 2 of my friends each week for lunch, tomorrow is Sheila's birthday and Tuesday was Brionna's birthday so we had a joint birthday lunch today-----it was so much fun. Everyone brought presents for Brionna so it was just like a "real" birthday---day for her. They also sang a Happy Birthday song to Brionna and Sheila-----I taped it, Brionna didn't know what to think, they had her stand on a chair and she just looked at Barbara and Sheila while they sang but she was very happy and she's talked about it all day! She had soooooooo much fun!
We started out day out at the library for story time and we were the only people there for the 1st 10 minutes, then another family joined Brionna, again------------she had a blast.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Julia's kiddos

The last couple of months

We've just been so busy the last couple of months that I've let my blog slide, the main reason I have this blog is because I want Mikala and her family to be a part of our life----even across the ocean. I'll try and get everything caught up.
I'm still working at the hospital, Dick is still working at Arctic and life is still going on as normal.
Randy was accepted at Texas Tech Pharmacy School, we're really happy about that.
Emily is working at West Texas A&M University.
Julia is still working as a RN in ICU at BSA.
Brayden is still playing soccer with the Drifters Soccer Club, he also is taking guitar lessons, he's great. Brionna is taking ballet, tap and gymnastics. I also take her to the library every chance we get for story time, she loves that. She goes to Creative Care Day Care occasionally, she loves "her school." She's gone to Creative Care on a as needed basis since she was born.
Kim works at Happy State Bank, she's an administrative assistant. Jim is still building cabinets, we think he's the best cabinet builder there is. Grandson Jake is working at Bivens Nursing Home in the dietary dept. I have a friend who also works at Bivens and I understand that he is a very valued employee. He's very dedicated. Aaron is attending West Texas A&M Universtiy on a football scholarship and is playing on the football team. Jim's oldest son Will lives in Dallas, his son Ashton is a growing 10 year old living with Kim and Jim. Dustin is working as a welder when there is work for him.
I'll start posting pictures--------------Brionna has gotten her 1st haircut------it's adorable.

Dick's Birthday--March 13th

We celebrated Dick's birthday with a little family dinner at our house. He's a great husband, father and grandfather-----------we love him!
He was surprised with a remote control helicopter------he was really surprised, we're still having technical difficulties with it so hopefully in the near future, I can post some pictures of him flying it!