Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eiffel Tower Family

Precious little brothers!

The guy with the funny hat is one of the Three Musketeers. they were in Paris this past weekend with Randy and Emily.

Generous Brayden

Brayden had a big week at school this week, he had a program on Tuesday, the 5th graders were putting on a program for the other students and parents. They each made posters about the person they were portraying and dressed like that particular influential person in history. He wanted to portray Patrick Henry. He already had his hat (from the fall when he was going to school in Canyon and he portrayed Patrick Henry for their wax museum) He was worried about a coat, he was OK with a dark blue lab coat I was going to let him use, but he said he'd like a coat with cufflets and gold buttons in the front and on the cuffs. I was able to score one at the 2nd hand store. When we went to see the program, he had loaned his coat to the little boy next to him who didn't have a costume at all, Brayden still had his hat so he looked the part and the little boy next to him was portraying Bill Gates so he looked nice in a suit jacket. I was proud of him for being so generous and helping a friend in need. The very next day his class put on another program for the younger kids about education, after that program his class had a "coffee shop" poetry reading and each child read a poem they had written. Coffee and cupcakes were served. He was dressed like a little beatnik, he was cute. We had a red beret but he didn't think it looked "the part." He did a great job.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Miller Family

Sweet, Sweet Brother and Sister

My Sweet Belgium Grandbabies!!!!

I was sooooo excited to see new pictures this morning!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Brayden played the most awesome soccer game tonight! Not one ball went past him----he stopped every single one of them. It was a big game, they have always struggled against this other team, not because the other team was ever any better........there is a lot of controversy between this team and ours. I won't say any names-------but our boys came out on top! 2-0. Not many balls made it past the defense, but the ones that did--Brayden was right there to stop them. He was awesome----the entire team was awesome, they all played a fantastic game. I'm proud of every single one of them.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Barnes Update

We had a great weekend, my cousin Linda's granddaughter was playing basketball in Amarillo on Saturday so we watched one of her games, it was fun. I wish we could have watched more, she had one more game on Saturday night but we needed to get home. Brayden also had a soccer game in Lubbock on Saturday morning. Weird---he had to go to Lubbock to play a Dallas team. I was scheduled to work tonight (Sunday) but actually---I really wasn't scheduled. It was on my schedule but not on the house supervisors schedule. There was a mix-up because I have to take a class this week, One of the house supervisors last week put me on the schedule so I wouldn't miss any days, however, I won't miss days because of my class (I'll get paid while in the class) I went to work but wasn't assigned any patients so I left and went to Brayden's soccer game instead. I then came home and watched Desperate Housewife. It was the 2 hours finale and it was great! I also watched Overboard with Goldie Hawn today, I had forgotten how that show ended and I loved it.
I'm anxious to hear from Emily and Randy! They are in Europe right now, they are visiting Jake, Mikala and children, they have already been to Germany. They spent the weekend in Paris. I think they are going to Italy for a bicycle race and to the Netherlands. They also flew into and are flying out of England. Details! Details! Details! I pretty sure they will be posting details on their blog as soon as they slow down!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

You Know You're From Amarillo When......

You Know You're from Amarillo, Texas When...

*Rainfall is measured in hundredths of inches.
*You can start off the day wearing a coat and by afternoon you're wearing shorts.
*One inch of rain causes streets to flood but it takes a foot of snow to close schools.
*Friday night high school football is a sell-out.
*You think one of the major food groups is enchiladas.
*The official town "bird" is a helicopter.
*You know what a Sandie is.
*You've ever dragged
Polk Street.
*You laugh at out- of- towners who actually attempt to eat the free
72 oz. steak.
*You think that opening weekend for dove and deer seasons are national holidays.
*You think the only seasons are hot, really hot, and winter.
*You know if another person is from out of town the second he or she walks in the door.
*People are happy if a picnic gets rained out.
*You've seen rain, sleet, snow, thunder and sand all in the same
*You prefer to haul drinking water rather than drink tap water.
*You can see a million stars at night from your patio.
*You don't feel out of place wearing a Stetson to the ballet.
*You know where The Canyon is.
*You see more American flags in one residential block than you've seen in any
Forth of July Parade.
*You've never seen smog.

*You can see the sky from any vantage point in town.
*You know the soil temperature on any given day but can't recall what you had for breakfast.
*You've had to pull over and remove tumbleweeds from the grill of your car.
*You've canceled many golf games because of tornado warnings.
*Vacation means a weekend trip to Santa Fe or the mountains.
*You know that the elevation of the plains is higher than the Hill Country.
*You know barbeque!

*People in passing cars wave to you--even if you've never met them.
*All cars pull over and stop for a funeral procession.
*You stop to watch the sunset.
*You can lose your purse and a total stranger will return it.
*When the sirens go off, you know it's a signal to go outside and look for the tornado OR it's the last Friday in the month.
*You know that Cadillac Ranch isn't a real ranch.
*You can go to the symphony and a country & western concert in one weekend.
*You've had several friends move off and move back within a couple of months.
*Most of the vehicles on the city streets are pickup trucks, SUVs and tractors.

*You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Amarillo and those that have never been there!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Brayden's back from Dallas

While Brayden was in Dallas, he picked up a few signature moves. They came home yesterday afternoon. Besides playing 3 games of soccer on Saturday, Brayden swam for 4-5 hours in the motel swimming pool.

Jake, Elston and Vaughn

This picture was taken while we were visting Brugge in Belgium. This is where Emily and Randy are going to visit tomorrow. I'm sure they will make it to the beach but Brugge is considered a "Little Italy" I hope they take one of the boat trips through the canals around the city. There are some famous Churches and lots of chocolate and lace shops.

Linden in Leuven

This is a picture and story Mikala posted on in Sept. I love this little guy! I know he's grown up some since this picture was taken---but he is so cute.
This is the story Mikala wrote about him.....

He has quite a social personality. He loves smiling and going right up to people. He has all the kids wrapped around his finger at church, and makes his rounds after church is over by going around to see them all. He loves when the girls pick him up and carry him around. He practically begs for it. He cries when I pick him up from nursery, kinda reverse huh.. He just woke up from his nap and I can hear him in his crib doing this one thing he does where he stands then jumps to his belly like he's doing a belly flop. He does it over and over while laughing. He will do this for about 10 minutes in his crib before I come get him. He also dances anytime he can get, even if the song is slow.

More of Brionna at 3

These pictures really show her cute outgoing personality!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

If you get the same card 2 years in a row---does that really mean he means it?????????????


Emily and Randy should be in Belgium by now!!!!
I know everyone is excited, they had a 4 hour delay in London this morning due to the long line at Customs, the delay made them miss their train to Belgium but they should be there now. Just as luck would have it today is a "No Transportation" day in Belgium so they are going to have to take public transportation to Mikala and Jake's house but Jake is going to meet them and help. They have all their luggage (plus a huge bag of treasures for the Miller family and even some things for their friends). They have made plans to visit Germany, Ireland, France and Italy while in Europe these next two weeks. I know everyone is excited!!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Brionna's 3 Year Old Pictures

Our cute little 3 year old Precious Brionna

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Brayden's Beatnick Poem

There is going to be a "Coffee Shop" at Brayden's school, this is the poem he will be reciting. Unfortunately I have to take a class that day and am going to be unable to attend. I'm sad about that and I'd change my class if there was anyway I could.

Peace, peace come again.
We have too many that wish to sin.
We need to take it to the next level.
We have too many that worship the devil.
We want you Lord, we need you Lord.
Bring peace to the Earth, Bring peace to this world.

Brayden's School Essay

This story brought tears to my eyes, you'll see why!
Paula Barnes
The year was 1951 (he made me a few years older than I am, but that's OK!) during the month of February. Someone I could never replace was born. My grandma. I've never known a person so soft, so sweet, and so full of love. Shes's a walking miracle to those around her. Especially me.
Her life has been hard but today she says it was worth while. She believed that helping others and making their life better was the best feeling anyone could have.
She was a mother of three who dreamed of becoming a nurse.
Her childhood was the best part of her life she told me. It's my favorite part of my life too, considering it's so far the only part of my life...Anyways, she never went a day without riding her bike over the hill and kissing her dolls goodnight.
Grandma couldn't stand anybody being sad. She did whatever she could do to make them the happiest person on Earth.
When she was about 10 years old, she said that her and this boy were swinging on a swing and holding hands at the same time. Can you guess what happened next? You got it, they both fell off and my grandma had to have stitches. She was punished and wasn't allowed to play with that boy again.
She says she couldn't have had a more loving parents. They told her the best stories. A most memorable story ws that her father fought in World War 2. He was in Hawaii when Pearl Harbor was bombed. I'm proud to have such a wonderful great-grandfather who did his part for our country.
We share a dream that we would like to accomplish in our lifetime. We would love to travel to places around the world with the rest of our family.
I recall her saying that her most prized possession, more valuable than her very own life itself, are her grandchildren. She said that we're sweet and loving from head to toe.
Grandma had never lived anywhere else other than Amarillo, Texas. Everytime I go over to her house, I read the doormat and the sign by the door, they say, "Home Sweet Home."
She likes novelty items quite a bit. She never fails to bring something back from her trip overseas. So far she has brought back things from pounds of chocolate to shoes and hats galore! She will bring back anything that reminds her of that trip expensive or not. But let me ask you this, who wouldn't?
I will never forget her, never hate her, and never know a person like her. I will love her 'till the day she dies. (which I pray won't be for a long, long time.) And I will love her long after.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Brionna!

Happy Birthday Brionna! I hope you have a great day today! Brionna is going to have a family party this evening and a friend birthday party next Monday! She has spent the weekend at Peggy and Joe's house, her daddy is here from Dallas. We are very excited to see her in just a few hours and wish her a wonderful birthday! She is a great little girl! She LOVES to help! She helps pick up toys---or just anything that you want picked up and she starts singing the "clean up" song as soon as you mention picking up things. She's always happy! She always has a smile on her face, she wakes up happy. The 1st thing out of her mouth is "I had a good nap!" she then asks you if you had a good nap! She sings all the time, she sings while she plays, while she's in the car, it doesn't really matter what she's doing---she just loves to sing. We love this little 3 year old! Happy Birthday Brionna!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Brionna's Birthday

We're all very excited! Brionna will be 3 tomorrow! She wants a Clifford in a wagon!

Brayden's Essay (From Brayden)

We are doing a biography over our family folklore for Language Arts.(I chose Grandma) Our teacher said it is OK for us to put the picture of our folklore on it and this is the one I chose. I can't tell you what I have written yet-----it's a secret for right now.

Take the Quiz

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Trickster Dog!

Flea Circus! VIDEO

MaryAnn should join the Circus! Randy and Emily are giving MaryAnn a bath! Actually, when she catches a frog, this is how Emily washes her mouth out!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Cat Hercules and his hostage situation

I love my cat, I REALLY love Hercules. I had a dream yesterday that I had opened a door to a storage room and it was full of birds, the birds were mad at me for disturbing them so a large Owl swooped down and picked up Hercules and was holding him hostage. Weird dream but I'm so weird, I'm plotting against all the owls -----we're planting new grass seed in our front yard and we've had to scare the birds away so I think I'm thinking about birds too much! Who knows, I may get a scarecrow to scare the birdsl away----mean old owls. Dreams are so strange.