Sunday, March 2, 2008

Brayden's Concussion

I wanted to post a little about Brayden's concussion. He was very fortunate that he escaped serious injury. When I worked at the Drs. office we had a couple of men who had suffered serious injuries from being hit by goal posts. If I remember correctly they had neck injuries and Dick was afraid that Brayden's neck was injured. He wanted me to call Roger (our chiropractor) and Roger said he would touch him unless we took him for a x-ray. The Dr. we took him to didn't do a x-ray, he seemed more concerned about his head, the Dr. moved his neck back and forth and felt it quite a bit but he didn't seem to think it needed to be x-rayed. He was concerned about his eyes being reactive and if he lost consciousness. He asked him a lot of questions and had him move his head up and down and I think that if his neck was affected that would have bothered him. We'll just have to continue to watch him and check on his neck. I asked the Dr. about his neck and he said that if he had a compression fracture he wouldn't be able to move his neck at all. He still has a bump on his head and he says it hurts if he touches it but it's much better tonight. We're very fortunate, those goal posts are heavy and heads are precious things. Thank goodness our Brayden has a hard head. (actually, thank goodness, it hit Brayden where it did, not all parts of our head could handle a goal post hitting it) I think this is one of those times when we can really thank our Heavenly Father for watching over Brayden and for blessing us.