Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chocolate Fried Pies

I have two friends who post beautiful pictures of prepared food, also of them preparing the food----I am going to try to duplicate their idea.
I was looking on the computer trying to find out how long to microwave corn in the husk in the microwave when I ran across a recipe for Chocolate Fried Pies and I love chocolate, I love fried pies.
The recipe is so simple,
1. 1 can of flaky biscuits
2. 1/2 cup of cocoa
3. 1 cup of sugar
4. butter
5. oil
The only directions was to mix the cocoa and sugar together, put a pat of butter on the rolled out biscuits and fry in the oil, spoon a spoonful of the dry cocoa mixture on the inside of the biscuit, then seal. Fry in the hot oil until brown.
I didn't have flaky biscuits, in fact, I had the small cans of buttermilk biscuits so I put two biscuits together to roll out, I then followed the directions. I was so thankful that the smoke alarm didn't go off as Dick is going to sleep.


Mother Goose said...

ok, hmmm... you did not say if these were good or not. THey look iffy to me. Did you like them?? I love fried dough. For the Italian Festival I was going to blog this on my recipe blog too.

Paula said...

I think I should have done the oil different, however, the chocolate was good, the butter melted and made the chocolate really taste great. I think I will do it differently next time, I'll use cresent rolls and put them in the oven. The chocolate inside was delicious.

Emily said...

I've never had fried pies! I think they look yummy, though!