Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brayden's latest essay

Brayden had to write an essay about his family, this is what he wrote abut his sister.

Love, that is the first thing that come to mind when I think of family. My little sister is one of the cutest 3 year old girls I have even laid eyes on. She has an enormous imagination and deep blue eyes. It's always fun to ask her to tell me as story because it seems she just opens a door to her imagination and lets us walk through. Her fantasies about Princesses and cats and... things girls think about. Well, they just don't end: I think that she will be a wonderful writer when she grows up. Oh, did I mention that she loves to sing? Well then, let me tell ya, I have no doubt that she will make it to American Idol. There is sooo much more to tell you about my sis, but I can't let her have all the fame can I? My mom is one for exaultation. My mom works nights at BSA as an RN. I know you're wondering what an RN is, aren't you? It stands for Registered Nurse. She went through 4 years of college with 1 child and money problems. Yet she defied everyone who said she wasn't going to make it. I look up to her, not only as a single mom with 2 kids, but as an idol.
Brayden also added things about Dick and I that I won't post (too boring!), but I have to add his ending to the essay:
Granddad is like a dad to me because I never knew my real one, he takes me to all my games and stuff. He's like my agent.
(Dick's new name is going to be Agent Granddad)