Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Brayden!!! We Love You!

Happy Birthday to our favorite little 12 year old!!!! Brayden is 12 today!
12 things we love about Brayden (more than 12 because after all---we can't just stop at 12---it's our Brayden!
#1. He plays tag with me. (by Brionna)
#2. He lets me play with his magnets. (by Brionna)
#3. Plays with me. (by Brionna)
#4. Everything
#5. He's an excellent writer
#6. He's an excellent goalie.
#7. He's kind
#8. He's an awesome gamer
#9. He's a great student
#10. He's a very loving person
#11. He's considerate of all people
#12. He's my 1st grandchild and he's setting a good example for the rest of them.
#13. He knows the power of prayer and he prays.
#14. He's athletic.
#15. He eats healthy food a lot of the time! (he'll choose yogurt over candy)
#16. He's a good swimmer.
#17. He's so kind and considerate of others.
#18. He takes good care of his animals.
#19. He holds the door open for everyone entering a room (even strangers)
#20. He chooses water over Coke.
#21. He's a good reader and loves to read books.
#22. He always does his homework.
#23. He's charming.
#24. He takes good care of his little sister and his mom.
#25. He loves to practice the trumpet.
#26. He loves to practice the guitar.
#27. He loves to play soccer.
#28. He can figure technical things out.
#29. He's considerate.
#30. He makes good decisions.
#31. He chooses his friends wisely.
#32. He saves money.
#33. He's talented in so many ways and he shares his talents.
I can go on and on and on----we love you Brayden and we're excited to see you grow up into a wonderful young man and we hope you had a wonderful birthday! Have fun at your party next week.


Mikala said...

Happy Birthday Brayden! I love him also for all the reasons mentioned and more.