Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Linden

This is the toy Linden picked out and played with most of the time.

Linden's birthday was January 11th, I remember the day he was born, I was flying to Philadelphia while Mikala was in labor, I told the pilot to hurry my grandson was on his way! The sweet little lady sitting next to me was so excited for me, she gave me her email address so I could send her a picture of the new baby. He was the sweetest little baby, so cute and soft and cuddly.
He's 3 and he's still soooooooooooo cute, so soft and so cuddly. He has the sweetest little voice, he says things like "can you help me, please??" and it's just so sweet that you have to help him do whatever he's doing--I think he could talk me into robbing a bank if he said "can you help me please", he's so charming. I love that little boy so much. Mikala and I went consignment store shopping, he saw a toy on the very top shelf, he kept saying "please, train, please, train", of course I had to buy it for him and he played with it the entire time he was here, it has a handle on it and he carried it with him most of the time when he was playing, he had so much fun with it. They weren't able to take it back to Europe with them and we decided that it could be his toy in Texas, Brionna likes to play with it and she always says, Linden is sharing his toy with me. I've decided to send it to him, it's kind of expensive to ship things to Belgium but I don't care what it cost, it will be worth every penny to know that he has his favorite Texas toy with him. I just love that little boy soooooo much. I know that he had a great birthday party with his family in Belgium, he's a happy little boy.