Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tornado Siren

I was shopping at Walmart this afternoon, (about 3:30pm) when I walked out of the store it was very dark and stormy, I decided to go to Kirklands to buy a birthday present and when I reached their parking lot the tornado sirens started going off. I turned the radio on and headed home. There was a tornado in the eastern part of Amarillo. As far as I know it blew part of a hangar away at the Amarillo International Airport, it also hit the Flying J truck stop. They also had baseball size hail. This video is annoying because it's almost a minute long, you can stop it way before that, you don't get to see a tornado dip down!
If you want to stop the play list, (songs) just click on the sideways equal sign on the left hand of the top of the play list.


Anonymous said...

I actually had no idea anything was going on that day..I was doing my laundry here in the computer room and NEVER heard the sirens go off..Darin happened to come home early that day and said "didn't you hear the sirens going off" I said "nope"..whats going on..he said there was a tornado by the Flying that concerned me that I didn't have a clue what was going on..hehehe :)