Monday, June 9, 2008

Our Life This Week

We have been so busy, for starters, I am still trying to get used to working nights, I don't if it's Monday or Tuesday, I don't know if I should sleep or stay up. I don't know if the sun is shining or not. I think I'd know if it rained or not but I'm not sure----it might just be the water sprinklers have been on. I will get used to it, I just need to find out what works for me.
Dick is busy with work and grandkids, Brayden is still busy with soccer. which means Dick is busy with soccer. He's also working on the treadmill and stationary bicycle right now. He has a fun summer planned, he has a soccer tournament next weekend. He also has lots of swimming planned. Brionna is also busy planning some swimming activities. We bought a new swimming pool for our back yard for both of them to play in while they're over here. I think it's pretty safe to say she's now totally potty trained, I'll even take her out in public in "big girl" attire. On the days that she is over here I plan to take her to the library for story time. She will love that, she loves to socialize. She LOVES to sing. she sings all the time, she makes up songs about everything but she loves to learn new songs. She's such a fun little girl. Julia is busy, busy, busy, working on her new home and at the "other" hospital. She's still working in ICU. She bought a new home a couple of months ago, we love it because it's less than 3 miles from our home. It's on a quiet street with a hugh yard that has made it lots of fun for the kids and her to just "hang out." Lots of room to play and relax. Randy is going to WT this summer and Emily is working at WT. He is also busy building a deck for his backyard. He also has plans to paint the outside of his house this summer. They spent 2 weeks in Europe this summer, they had a lot of fun, saw lots of sights and brought back lots of souvenirs and lots of pictures. They are also busy with family and Church activites. Dustin is working at the ice company, he also has a very sweet girlfriend. Our grandson Aaron graduated from high school this past week, he's going to play football for WT in the fall. We're excited to watch some college football this coming fall! He's an awesome football player, I shouldn't say just football, he's an all around great athlete, he excels in everything he does---track, etc. He's a little guy, 6'5" and 280 lbs. We're all very proud of him. Jake (other grandson, not sil Jake but gs Jake) is still at Bivens NH and loves his job and from what I understand from other employees---they love him.
Mikala is posting pictures on her blog! Yeah! You can read about her family on her blog!
Emily and Randy are posting pictures on their blog! Yeah! You can read about their trip on their blog!
I love this blogging business!!!