Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ummmm---too many posts of the Italian Charm Bracelet---I'll explain later

The reason I "borrowed" this picture off of Mikala's site is to show why I got one of the charms for my bracelet that I got. One of my charms is the European Union Flag.
This is the bracelet I got for my anniversary, we had a very hard time finding one in Amarillo, we looked at several jewelry stores, at each store I asked if anyone knew where I could get one at, everyone acted like it was just "last years fad". One of my friends told me of a little speciality store at the mall that carried them. Evidently they are the only ones left in Amarillo and they are planning on selling their inventory and not buying new. We bought the bracelet and the charms that they had that I wanted, (not very many from them----just 5, I think.) I came home and ordered all of the flags, the baseball bat and ball and the soccer ball one off the internet from a Italian Charm Bracelet website. I wanted to get a flag from each country I've visited, I also wanted to get a charm to represent my children and grandchildren. I got the aquamarine heart for Dick's birthstone, the amethyst heart for my birthstone, the WTAMU for the University Julia graduated from, Randy will graduate from (undergrad anyway) and for where Emily works. the baseball one for Mikala's boys, the soccer ball for Mikala's boys and for Brayden. The ballet shoe for Brionna and I have ordered a Princess one for Marygrace. I have also ordered a dog paw for Randy and Emily. I have the 3 European Flags for Mikala and Jake and I have the nurses hat for Julia (well, for me also!) I have ordered several more that I'm excited to get.


Paula said...

I still have several charms ordered, I'm not sure where I'll put them, I have one ordered for Emily and Randy, a dog paw, I tried to get a face of a lab, but the one I saw had 3 yellow lab faces, I may get that one later, I'm not sure, I have one that says I love soccer and one that has a pink princess crown on it (for my little granddaughters) and just a few other cute ones.