Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Brilliant Award

My good friend from my LDS/HSH Group bestowed upon me this Brilliant Award. Thank you Mother Goose! I love awards!!!!

There is the following meme:

A.) attached or single? Attached----17 years this past July 27th
(B.) best friend? My husband
(C.) cake or pie? cake
(D.) day of choice? Saturday
(E.) essential item? Lipstick---I truly can not count how many tubes I have----MANY, too many to count.
(F.) favorite color? Pink
(G.) gummy bears or worms? Bears
(H.) hometown? Amarillo
(I.) favorite indulgence? Pina Colada's-----virgin ones of course!!!
(J.) January or July? January
(K.) kids? Many! I have 3 that I gave birth to, I married a man who has 4. so together we have 7
(L.) life isn't complete without? Grandchildren
(M.) marriage date? July 27, 1990
(N.) number of brothers & sisters? 1 sister (1949-1997) , 2 brothers (half brothers--1 deceased, 1 lives in Idaho)
(O.) oranges or apples? oranges
(P.) phobias? gosh----mice, homelessness, spiders, bugs in general, snakes, some dogs, monsters, strangers in public bathrooms,
(Q.) quotes? Live, Laugh, and Love
(R.) reasons to smile? FAMILY
(S.) season of choice? Fall
(T.) tag seven peeps! Hmm...I'm going to pass it to everyone who reads this, especially Mikala, the 2 Emily's, Tammi, Barbara, Brandi, Angie, Frances, Heidi, the rest of my HSH Group friends----well, just everyone! Too many to tag.
(U.) unknown fact about me? I used to have motorcycles drivers license and I drove a Moped.
(V. ) vegetable? Cauliflower
(W.) worst habits? Biting my fingernails---and biting them at work---that's really bad. (mrsa)
(X.) x-ray or ultrasound? ultrasound----maybe another grand baby????
(Y.) your favorite food? Lobster
(Z.) zodiac sign? This is really tricky believe it or not, my BD is 2-19, it used to be Aquarius, now all of a sudden they list 2-19 as a Pisces. I think I have traits from both.
Whew...that was a long one....


Mother Goose said...

woohoo, so glad you enjoyed your award! I enjoyed reading your meme