Sunday, January 27, 2008

Brayden's Hermit Crabs

Brayden got 3 hermit crabs for Christmas, they've been fun to watch, sometimes a little boring, but we're learning tricks to get them to become active. They (Julia and Brayden) acquired 2 more crabs the week after Christmas so they now have 5 crabs in 2 different terrariums. A few weeks ago we gave them a bath and the next day one of the bigger crabs had destroyed his water sponge so I put a bowl of water in with them, we decided to leave it in there, even tho I wondered if they ever noticed it. This morning when I got up, I heard noise in the kitchen and looked at them, the soccer ball crab was drinking out of the bowl. I took his picture and I was afraid it made him mad because he backed up and moved over to the happy face crab and was pushing him. I took out the empty shell we had put in the cage for them to get into if they wanted to and moved the happy face crab and he quickly moved over to the soccer ball crab and tried to climb on his back. I don't understand crabs, I don't know if they're friends or not but I think they were playing with each other.