Saturday, January 26, 2008

Randy's Birthday!

Yesterday, January 25th was Randy's birthday. We celebrated at a new restaurant between Amarillo and Canyon called Chili Willie's. We arrived right at 6pm and still had to wait about a hour and a half for a table but it was definitely worth the wait! Julia, Brayden and Brionna met us there, Dollie and Pat were also there, then of course, Randy and Emily, for a total of 9 people. Most of us had chicken fried steaks, some with jalepenos, some with green chili and some us just had plain chicken fries. We then came back to our house for birthday cake and ice cream. Brionna was especially excited and Randy let her blow out his birthday candles. After everyone left and Brionna was ready for bed, I told her to give everyone a good night kiss and she disappeared, I peeked in the bedroom and she had turned on the lamp beside the bed, turned on the radio and was in bed listening to Brayden's I-Pod. She had put herself to bed and had taken care of all the necessary things! It was just a funny site. I told her I will still tuck her in and give her a good night kiss, she doesn't have to tuck herself in!