Monday, January 21, 2008

Our Christmas

We were so blessed to have Jake, Mikala and our little Belgium grandchildren visit us for the Christmas holidays. The weather was cold and windy, I wish it could have been nicer so Jake could have golfed more but the weather in the Texas Panhandle is unpredictable, it could have been beautiful---but it was pretty cold and blustery the entire time they were here. We enjoyed great food, we visited several great restaurants plus Dick fixed us some great meals. We celebrated Linden's early birthday at Jorges where they sang Happy Birthday to him. He was adorable, he was shy and I think it embarrassed him! Before Christmas we made a trip to the mall with Elston, Vaughn, Brionna, Linden and Marygrace for a visit to see Santa. They boys asked for hot wheel cars and Brionna wanted presents. It was a fun trip going to the mall with all the little kiddos. Julia was there and we enjoyed a great lunch at Chick Filet---yum yum! Mikala and Jake were able to get a lot of things accomplished that are difficult to accomplish in Belgium. (dentist trips, eye appts., some shopping, etc) Marygrace was just the highlight of our life! She's so adorable, so beautiful and just so perfect! Oh---I miss her so much! Elston has grown up to be such a sweet, considerate and smart little boy! He is really quite fluent in French (I overheard him talking to his daddy in French) I've tried to learn some French this year and he was able to help me with my very limited French (VERY LIMITED!) I love Elston so much, he's a little sweetheart! Vaughn, oh, again a little sweetheart! He's so sweet and such a happy little boy, he was so helpful, he would help me do everything! I vacumned, he was helping me. I started making Linden a birthday cake---quiet little Vaughn just came in and asked to help and he finished it for me! He is sweet to his brothers and to his little sister. He is a big helper boy! I love him so much! Brionna talks about her "Vaughnie" all the time! I think they "bonded"!!! Now, little Linden! He is a little rock star! Everyone loves this little guy! He is gushing with personality! He is an absolute sweetheart and he is the sweetest little guy! He is so caring about his little sister, he comforts her when she's crying. He decided that his favorite people were Emily and Julia! He would cry and cry when they would leave! He would hug them and hug them and lay his little head on their shoulder----oh, how could they leave him????? I love that sweet little guy so much! Marygrace Autumn----she's an absolute doll baby! Beautiful, happy and such a little sweetheart. She was just starting her big smiles while she was here and we got some delightful smiles out of her! She is so tiny! We had a lot of fun playing dress up with her! She's got some of the most beautiful clothes I've ever seen! Girls are definitely fun to dress---and buy for! Brayden loved being the big cousin, he loves his cousins and had been looking forward to playing with them for months. Brionna was soooooooo excited to have playmates. I think the kids played with each other so well, you wouldn't realize that they live across the world and only see each other once a year. I'm hoping that the kiddos can get together a little more frequently----hint hint!
Jake and Mikala brought over so many Belgium goodies! I've tried to ration my candy out so it wouldn't be gone so fast, it's so delicious. We just enjoyed their visit so much and I'm praying that we can see them again soon! I love my Belgium family with all my heart!