Monday, February 11, 2008

More on our OKC trip

The Affair of the Hearts is a hugh craft show, it is held on the Oklahoma City State Fairgrounds and it encompasses 7 hugh building. There is just a ton of jewelry, craft items, iron works, cute clothing, food mixes, dips, sweet dipst, even special coffes and tea There were these booths of toys, just a ton of stuff, well, 7buildings full of different stuff. We walked and walked, we then went to Mathis Bros and we all picked out new furniture, I don't think that we will all be able to get new furniture but we sure had fun picking out new stuff! I love that store.
We then went to Walmart and tried to buy heating pads for our aching backs, no luck! We tried to buy those things you put in the microwave to heat and put up against sore muscles, no luck, we finally bought some tube socks, a big bag of rice and we made our own bags! We all slept better that night. We really didn't have the best motel that we could have had! We found over the internet that made a lot of promises and came recommened but 1st they put us on the 2nd floor, (we had asked for a ground floor) then they put us in a room that hadn't even been cleaned yet, then they put us in a room that didn't have pillows on the beds, not enough towels or shampoo or lotion (I brought my own shapmoo, but we still needed towels and pillows!) We went back to the office and they said "well, we're short handed, we only had 3 housekeepers show up today and they are working as hard as they can" It was almost 6:30 pm when we arrived! Wow, oh well, we had great time anyway and they had a great breakfast in the breakfast area.
I'll post a few more pictures later.