Friday, February 22, 2008


Boys in Belgium singing Happy Birthday

I'm very excited this posted! I was happy to see Elston's cute, cute face and Vaughn's cute, cute face and to hear their precious voices. I video taped several little clips that I may try to post, it takes a while for them to post. I was happy to see Marygrace and I later saw Linden! He was anxious to climb out of his bed and come join the crowd. Thank you boys! I love you!

My Presents, picture taken with new camera

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Birthday Party

Randy, Emily, Julia, Brayden and Brionna took me to Jorges for my birthday. (Dick had to go to San Antonio for business so he missed the celebration) The food was fantastic and we had a great time. We had a great waiter who even offered to take our picture (with my new camera!!) Emily went to Belmar Bakery and got some delicious German Chocolate Brownies! They were delicious. We had so much fun and I really appreciated getting to celebrate my birthday with them.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Our Adventure On the Way to the Party

We were on our way to Emily's birthday party, I was playing with my new birthday present that Dick had just given me when he said "what's that noise?" I told him it was just me taking a picture, he said "No, I have a flat tire!" He had a very flat tire, very, very, flat. He tried to get the tire out from under the truck but it appeared that the tool that got it out was stripped. I called Alan and he suggested that we have the truck towed to Goodyear and they would fix it in the morning, the only bad thing about that is that Dick has to fly to San Antonio in the morning. I walked home (just 4 houses away) and drove on over to the Parkers, he was finally able to get his tire changed and he joined us.

Emily's Birthday Party

Emily's mom had hamburgers and hot dogs at her home this evening. We then ate dessert, Texas Surprise Cake. We had a great time and the food was delicious.

Happy, Happy Birthday Vaughn!!!

I hope our little Vaughn has the very best 4th birthday any little 4 year old little boy can have!!! There are several things that makes Vaughn very special! He is so helpful! I don't care what you are doing---you can be vacumning or sweeping the floor and he will run and help you! He helps his brothers and his sister. He helps his cousins. He helps his mommy and daddy and his grandparents! I was baking his brother a cake and he quietly asked me if he could help and he helped me make the entire thing! Frosting and all! He picks up toys, he helps make up beds. He picks out his own clothes and dresses himself. He shares his toys very well. He's a good athlete. He can play baseball, he can play basketball, he can golf, he can play tennis, he can swim, he can probably do things that I don't even know that he can do! He does a lot of things at school! He is learning French. He can speak French and English. He loves waffles! He loves puzzles, he can put a puzzle together faster than anyone I know! He is a master puzzle putter together. He can fasten his car seat. He can climb high! He can jump, He is friendly, he makes friends easily. He can run fast. He can play soccer. He can fix things. I love Vaughn!

Christmas Anticipation

The Millers in Florida

Jake and Mikala, Elston, Vaughn, Linden and Marygrace spent part of their Christmas vacation in Florida. This family photo was taken in Florida. I love it, it really shows the little boys personalities.

Miller Photo

Mikala and Marygrace on Blessing Day

Marygrace was blessed in Amarillo in January. It was a beautiful blessing and I'm so thankful she was blessed in Amarillo. The little boys were so good while Marygrace was being blessed, they were sitting in the church pew watching and listening. They are such good little boys. Marygrace was a perfect little baby and sooooooooo beautiful!

Marygrace in Germany

Jake, Mikala and family went to Germany to visit some friends. This is a cute picture they took of Marygrace. This is also after Marygrace's haircut.

Linden in the Galeries, Brussels, Belgium

This cute little guy is very independent! I guess he knows exactly where he's going. I'm glad he has 2 big brothers and 2 observant parents watching over him!

Jelita Cave

Jake and the Jelita Caves

Jake travels extensively with his job. He posted this picture on, he said that he was one of the few tourists out because the war had just broken out 2 days before (scary!!!) This cave is right outside Beirut, It has an upper chamber that is dry and a lower chamber that is wet, it is very large and includes the largest stalactite in the world. He took a tour of the cave and the tour guide went very fast and there was just inches between the walls of the cave. Jake may need to add or correct something about this so------Jake may need to add a comment!
I's sad there's a war that is keeping tourists away from something so fascinating and so beautiful.

Happy Birthday to Emily

It's Emily's Birthday also! Happy Birthday, Emily, we are going to her parents house tonight for a birthday celebration!

Today is Vaughnster Birthday!

I called Vaughnster on Skye and wished him Happy Birthday. It's 10 am here and 5pm in Belgium. He had a birthday celebration at school and they are going to have a celebration this evening with his family. I'll post some pictures as soon as I get them. He is 4! I love that little guy. This is a picture Jake sent us, it's a picture of him in a parade, his class was celebrating Carnaval. (I hope I spelled that right)
Happy Happy Birthday Vaughn!!!!
We Love You!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another Quilt

Cute little present

My Present----7 years ago!

Brionna Christmas 2007 (sorry, out of order)

I want to get as many cute grandchildren pictures posted as I can. These are some pictures that we took of Brionna in her beautiful Christmas dress in front of the tree.
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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Escape Artist

I decided to change the rocks out in the little hermit crabs cage and try to make the a little pool with water. They seemed to really love their new rocks, they were excited and moving more than we've ever seen them move about. I left the top off and came back a little while later and they were working together to escape! One was at the top of the tree with the other 2 right behind him!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Even Hercules has a cell phone

I just don't who calls him, but notice the cell phone by his ear in the following pictures. What a cat!


I just really love this cat! Not everyone understands him, he loves company---unless they have a suitcase, then we have to hide the suitcases. However, if I'm packing a suitcase, he's in it and he's so upset when the suitcase is shut. He likes to stay right by me, I just had to post the pictures I took tonight, he was asleep on the arm of the couch next to my favorite chair, he was a little annoyed that I kept taking his picture so he turned his back to me----for about 2 minutes, he just couldn't stay turned in that direction. He sleeps on the arm of the couch most of the day when I'm at home. When I'm at work, I think he sleep on my bed. He follows me (like a dog) If I get up, he'll go where ever I go.

Another Quilt


Thursday, February 14, 2008

70's PJ's

I got Brayden some new PJ's last week, he put them on and started laughing, he said he felt like he was in the 70's. I asked him if they were comfortable last night and he said they were. Sweet Dreams! I think he's cute in them.

A couple of friends sharing sunglasses

Brionna loves to play with #1 Sunglasses # 2 Hercules.
She puts her sunglasses on him-----and he lets her, then when she gets distracted with other toys, Hercules follows her around and likes to watch her play. They have become very good friends.

Happy going for a quick swim

Happy and Soccer

We cleaned Soccer and Happy's cage last night and they were so excited, who would have thought you could make hermit crabs excited but they were, especially Happy. He went swimming, he ate popcorn and he then decided to try to push Soccer around. I think he's probably the most agressive crab we have. I picked him up and he tried to pinch me. He doesn't bother Brayden when he holds him tho. I bought new gravel for the little crabs so we're going to change out their cage tomorrow, we'll probably even give them a bath. I bought 2 new shells for the little crabs and a larger shell (Soccer really needs to change but he won't stay in the new ones, he crawls back into this soccer shell) I thought about buying a big cage so they could all live together but Brayden is afraid Happy will kill the smaller crabs.

Everyone loves getting a package----right?????

I ordered a sample of cat food a couple of weeks ago, it's supposed to be either organic or something special, I don't remember why it was special but I ordered it. Hercules likes to inspect the mail each day but he was very excited to receive a package of cat food. His very own package, it was even addressed to Hercules Barnes.