Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday Vaughn!!!

I hope our little Vaughn has the very best 4th birthday any little 4 year old little boy can have!!! There are several things that makes Vaughn very special! He is so helpful! I don't care what you are doing---you can be vacumning or sweeping the floor and he will run and help you! He helps his brothers and his sister. He helps his cousins. He helps his mommy and daddy and his grandparents! I was baking his brother a cake and he quietly asked me if he could help and he helped me make the entire thing! Frosting and all! He picks up toys, he helps make up beds. He picks out his own clothes and dresses himself. He shares his toys very well. He's a good athlete. He can play baseball, he can play basketball, he can golf, he can play tennis, he can swim, he can probably do things that I don't even know that he can do! He does a lot of things at school! He is learning French. He can speak French and English. He loves waffles! He loves puzzles, he can put a puzzle together faster than anyone I know! He is a master puzzle putter together. He can fasten his car seat. He can climb high! He can jump, He is friendly, he makes friends easily. He can run fast. He can play soccer. He can fix things. I love Vaughn!


Mikala said...

Vaughn will love this! I will read it to him tomorrow when he is awake! He had a good birthday today!