Sunday, May 18, 2008

Barnes Update

We had a great weekend, my cousin Linda's granddaughter was playing basketball in Amarillo on Saturday so we watched one of her games, it was fun. I wish we could have watched more, she had one more game on Saturday night but we needed to get home. Brayden also had a soccer game in Lubbock on Saturday morning. Weird---he had to go to Lubbock to play a Dallas team. I was scheduled to work tonight (Sunday) but actually---I really wasn't scheduled. It was on my schedule but not on the house supervisors schedule. There was a mix-up because I have to take a class this week, One of the house supervisors last week put me on the schedule so I wouldn't miss any days, however, I won't miss days because of my class (I'll get paid while in the class) I went to work but wasn't assigned any patients so I left and went to Brayden's soccer game instead. I then came home and watched Desperate Housewife. It was the 2 hours finale and it was great! I also watched Overboard with Goldie Hawn today, I had forgotten how that show ended and I loved it.
I'm anxious to hear from Emily and Randy! They are in Europe right now, they are visiting Jake, Mikala and children, they have already been to Germany. They spent the weekend in Paris. I think they are going to Italy for a bicycle race and to the Netherlands. They also flew into and are flying out of England. Details! Details! Details! I pretty sure they will be posting details on their blog as soon as they slow down!