Thursday, May 8, 2008

Brayden's School Essay

This story brought tears to my eyes, you'll see why!
Paula Barnes
The year was 1951 (he made me a few years older than I am, but that's OK!) during the month of February. Someone I could never replace was born. My grandma. I've never known a person so soft, so sweet, and so full of love. Shes's a walking miracle to those around her. Especially me.
Her life has been hard but today she says it was worth while. She believed that helping others and making their life better was the best feeling anyone could have.
She was a mother of three who dreamed of becoming a nurse.
Her childhood was the best part of her life she told me. It's my favorite part of my life too, considering it's so far the only part of my life...Anyways, she never went a day without riding her bike over the hill and kissing her dolls goodnight.
Grandma couldn't stand anybody being sad. She did whatever she could do to make them the happiest person on Earth.
When she was about 10 years old, she said that her and this boy were swinging on a swing and holding hands at the same time. Can you guess what happened next? You got it, they both fell off and my grandma had to have stitches. She was punished and wasn't allowed to play with that boy again.
She says she couldn't have had a more loving parents. They told her the best stories. A most memorable story ws that her father fought in World War 2. He was in Hawaii when Pearl Harbor was bombed. I'm proud to have such a wonderful great-grandfather who did his part for our country.
We share a dream that we would like to accomplish in our lifetime. We would love to travel to places around the world with the rest of our family.
I recall her saying that her most prized possession, more valuable than her very own life itself, are her grandchildren. She said that we're sweet and loving from head to toe.
Grandma had never lived anywhere else other than Amarillo, Texas. Everytime I go over to her house, I read the doormat and the sign by the door, they say, "Home Sweet Home."
She likes novelty items quite a bit. She never fails to bring something back from her trip overseas. So far she has brought back things from pounds of chocolate to shoes and hats galore! She will bring back anything that reminds her of that trip expensive or not. But let me ask you this, who wouldn't?
I will never forget her, never hate her, and never know a person like her. I will love her 'till the day she dies. (which I pray won't be for a long, long time.) And I will love her long after.


MIUMIU said...

Nice to meet you, empathize with your blog.
I linked to please.

Mikala said...

Now that is just the sweetest thing! I did not know that Daddypa was at Pearl Harbor. How did I miss that? I agree with Brayden in all he says.

Paula said...

I need to clarify the WW II thing, DaddyPa went to Hawaii but wasn't at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed. I will try and scan a picture of him in Hawaii.

onemadjan said...

Very lovely post by Brayden. I like that they call their grandpa "Daddypa", I will have to try and remember that one.

Jannie, from HSH