Wednesday, May 14, 2008

You Know You're From Amarillo When......

You Know You're from Amarillo, Texas When...

*Rainfall is measured in hundredths of inches.
*You can start off the day wearing a coat and by afternoon you're wearing shorts.
*One inch of rain causes streets to flood but it takes a foot of snow to close schools.
*Friday night high school football is a sell-out.
*You think one of the major food groups is enchiladas.
*The official town "bird" is a helicopter.
*You know what a Sandie is.
*You've ever dragged
Polk Street.
*You laugh at out- of- towners who actually attempt to eat the free
72 oz. steak.
*You think that opening weekend for dove and deer seasons are national holidays.
*You think the only seasons are hot, really hot, and winter.
*You know if another person is from out of town the second he or she walks in the door.
*People are happy if a picnic gets rained out.
*You've seen rain, sleet, snow, thunder and sand all in the same
*You prefer to haul drinking water rather than drink tap water.
*You can see a million stars at night from your patio.
*You don't feel out of place wearing a Stetson to the ballet.
*You know where The Canyon is.
*You see more American flags in one residential block than you've seen in any
Forth of July Parade.
*You've never seen smog.

*You can see the sky from any vantage point in town.
*You know the soil temperature on any given day but can't recall what you had for breakfast.
*You've had to pull over and remove tumbleweeds from the grill of your car.
*You've canceled many golf games because of tornado warnings.
*Vacation means a weekend trip to Santa Fe or the mountains.
*You know that the elevation of the plains is higher than the Hill Country.
*You know barbeque!

*People in passing cars wave to you--even if you've never met them.
*All cars pull over and stop for a funeral procession.
*You stop to watch the sunset.
*You can lose your purse and a total stranger will return it.
*When the sirens go off, you know it's a signal to go outside and look for the tornado OR it's the last Friday in the month.
*You know that Cadillac Ranch isn't a real ranch.
*You can go to the symphony and a country & western concert in one weekend.
*You've had several friends move off and move back within a couple of months.
*Most of the vehicles on the city streets are pickup trucks, SUVs and tractors.

*You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Amarillo and those that have never been there!