Thursday, May 22, 2008

Generous Brayden

Brayden had a big week at school this week, he had a program on Tuesday, the 5th graders were putting on a program for the other students and parents. They each made posters about the person they were portraying and dressed like that particular influential person in history. He wanted to portray Patrick Henry. He already had his hat (from the fall when he was going to school in Canyon and he portrayed Patrick Henry for their wax museum) He was worried about a coat, he was OK with a dark blue lab coat I was going to let him use, but he said he'd like a coat with cufflets and gold buttons in the front and on the cuffs. I was able to score one at the 2nd hand store. When we went to see the program, he had loaned his coat to the little boy next to him who didn't have a costume at all, Brayden still had his hat so he looked the part and the little boy next to him was portraying Bill Gates so he looked nice in a suit jacket. I was proud of him for being so generous and helping a friend in need. The very next day his class put on another program for the younger kids about education, after that program his class had a "coffee shop" poetry reading and each child read a poem they had written. Coffee and cupcakes were served. He was dressed like a little beatnik, he was cute. We had a red beret but he didn't think it looked "the part." He did a great job.