Monday, May 12, 2008

Linden in Leuven

This is a picture and story Mikala posted on in Sept. I love this little guy! I know he's grown up some since this picture was taken---but he is so cute.
This is the story Mikala wrote about him.....

He has quite a social personality. He loves smiling and going right up to people. He has all the kids wrapped around his finger at church, and makes his rounds after church is over by going around to see them all. He loves when the girls pick him up and carry him around. He practically begs for it. He cries when I pick him up from nursery, kinda reverse huh.. He just woke up from his nap and I can hear him in his crib doing this one thing he does where he stands then jumps to his belly like he's doing a belly flop. He does it over and over while laughing. He will do this for about 10 minutes in his crib before I come get him. He also dances anytime he can get, even if the song is slow.


Paula said...

He's a rock star!