Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Best Cat

I really have to brag on Hercules, he's not a big fan of kids, he's not mean or aggressive, he's just not a kid fan. He sure tolerates Brionna, she LOVES Hercules, she calls him "her kitty" and she tries to carry him around (however, I think he may weigh almost as much as she does) he tolerates her holding onto him while she watches cartoons, while she eats her snacks, while she plays with her blocks, etc, etc. She thinks that he should be in whatever room she is in, it doesn't matter if it's the bathroom, game room, bedroom, kitchen or living room, where ever Brionna is, that's where you will find Hercules---much to his chagrin. She was playing in the backyard today and he was watching her out the back door while she played with her toys and Captain La. She also played on the trampoline. Hercules saw Brionna playing and decided to follow her outside, he didn't stay outside long once La saw him but I thought it was funny because maybe he likes her more than I think he does!