Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Jan!!

I want to wish Jan a very, very happy birthday today! We have had a fun filled day. We started out going to a few estate sales and a few garage sales, I treated her to a pedicure at a local Spa (Sensei Spa) and we had the best pedicures we've ever had. We were really catered to at the Spa. They brought us drinks, strawberries with chocolate and biscotti. We felt like we were the only clients at the Spa, We both left with toe rings on---cute, huh! I kind of felt like a movie star when we left. I can't wait to go back! We then had lunch at Buns over Texas. This evening we met Jan's mother, June, Ben, Sandy and her husband Milton, Delores and her daughter Whitney, Randy and Emily, Brionna and Jan at the Country Barn for a birthday celebration, complete with carrot cake. I think Jan has had a great day. Jan is the best friend anyone can have. Jan will do anything for anyone who has a need, she is hard working, friendly, generous and loving. She is beautiful, she had good taste in clothes, shoes and jewelry! Jan will absolutely do anything for anybody that has a need, I know I said that once but she it the rare person that you can count on for anything. She's the 1st person I call when I have a crisis in my life. (She's the 1st person I called when my sister passed away, when my mother passed away, when my grandchildren were born, when I have a flat tire, when I have the flu, when Brayden had a concussion she was the one I called to be the hostess to the party I had planned at my house, when I have a hang nail----gosh, Jan, am I a little needy for you?????????? Jan has more energy than anyone I know, she will still climb in a tree to put a bird house in the tree! I just wanted to tell her Happy Birthday----and many, many more! I know we will be friends forever!