Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What I have to do tonight!!!

I have changed jobs (I know that everyone knows that, I don't mean to repeat "old" news) and I was really looking forward to getting caught up on all my housework, laundry etc. I was also looking forward to sewing! I have been off for 5 days and I didn't get any laundry put away (I did get some clothes washed--thank goodness), I didn't even look at the sewing machine (except to move it out of the way) I decided today I better vacumn and I shampooed a couple of places that needed to be cleaned. It took me a few days to get caught up on my sleep and we've kept Brayden and Brionna while Julia worked so I have a little bit of an excuse but I have to go back to work tomorrow and I decided that I am going to get completely caught up, wish me luck!


Mikala said...

I wish you luck! All those pink clothes look fun to fold!

Paula said...

I love to hang up her little clothes and look at them! I didn't realize how many outfits she has at my house, Julia needs to come over and take some over to her house. I love little girl clothes!